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extra feeds in summer?

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    extra feeds in summer?

    I am trying to give my son some water every day, which isn't too successful at the moment. He is about to turn 8 mths.

    I am wondering, in this hot weather do people increase their breast or bottle feeds? I am worried he is not getting enough fluids. I know I am drinking at least 2 lts of water a day and wake up in the night thirsty so i am wondering if its the same for babies.

    Most books aren't written from a place where it is as hot as it has been here the last few days.

    any ideas

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    As far as breastfeeding goes, if baby is thirsty, they just feed more often, so no real need to give a breastfeeding baby water when it is hot. The more the baby feeds, the more you make.I don't really see why formula would be any different. The baby knows when he'she is thirsty.

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    When I asked my daughter's doctor about extra water, he gave me some useful advice. He said we could give her 1fl.oz. (about 30ml) for every month (of her age), ie she's 7 months old now, so we can give her up to 7 fl.oz. of water a day.

    I have found my daughter to have 'sticky poo' recently (she is only formula fed now) and I think it is a combination of the hot weather and the air con at home. If I think she's straining a bit, I give her water with a little dro pof prune juice.

    Hope this helps.

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