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Vitamins for 2 year olds

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    Vitamins for 2 year olds

    Does your LO take multivitamins? My doc said if we want we can, but if she has a balanced diet, she really doesn't need one. I try to give her a balanced diet but sometimes she just simply refuses to eat the good stuff like veggies.

    What multivitamins do you recommend? I wonder if the Flintstones chewables are ok for her age?

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    My daughter refuses food all the time. She ate very little. She is quite small but my pediatrician said she is still in the normal range. I asked for vitamin supplements and he reccomended Nutroplex liquid with iron and lysine (United American). But this one quite hard to find. Manning and Watson do not sell them. Now (3 months later) she is quite chubby and much taller. But children grow from time to time.

    Hope this can help :)

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    We started giving D multi-vitamins at around 2 or so. We saw the homeopath and he recommended Emergen in addition to Cod Liver Oil. It's really helped with his immunity. After a while, we switched to Chewables from Watsons - which are similar to Flintsones.

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