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Reflux / Cranial Osteopathy

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    When a child should have cranial osteopathy

    There is no infant too young to be treated by an osteopath be it cranial osteopath or structural (the differences I will be happy to explain at a later date). In fact the younger the infant the easier it can be to treat since the mechanical effects of the birth trauma have not "set in". In some countries cranial osteopaths treat premature babies whilst they are still incubated.

    for more information:
    Best wishes,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matty View Post
    It didn't really make any difference for us for my sons reflux.
    If your baby's stomach valve isn't working properly and they are having acid problems, a gentle manipulation therapy probably won't do much.
    Putting him on Zantac was the only thing that helped with that.

    My son was very sensitive and tense. He cried all the time for the first few months, and he was definatley calmer, and his body more relaxed after the sessions.
    His joints and neck were very tight and restricted, and after 4 treatments he was much better.
    So the therapy was worth it in that sense.

    I can recomend Veronique Percebois at the Vitality Center, she is very honest about whether the treatment will be of any benefit.
    Another friend went to her and she simply said her baby cries alot, but there isn't anything physically wrong, so the treatment wouldn't help.
    Hi Matty
    I'm interested to go to Vitality Center and check out your recommended therapist. Would u be able to pass me Veronique's contacts for reference? Thanks!

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    Hi fennho,

    Go to


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    Update :)

    I got Craniosacral therapy done for my daughter (Due to her head being flat) from Charoline Rhodes at the Body group and I am very pleased with the results. I could see a difference within a few sessions, and now after about 15 sessions my daughter's head shape is beginning to look normal. For anyone in doubt I would advise just go for it sooner than later because its difficult to keep your baby still when they are a little older (As was the case with my daughter). I was advised by the Paedratician that her head shape would even out as she grew older but that just didn't seem to be happening even at 5 months. Thanks Jools for you suggestion :))

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    my son has reflux and is now growing out of it. the worst of it was from months 1 - 3 and we saw an osteopath in London. She did wonders and did a lot of cranial work. If you can find someone good here it will do wonders. My son was a lot more balanced and it helped with his digestive track.

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