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Shall I stop helper sleeping in the same room with baby?

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    meimei is offline Registered User
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    Shall I stop helper sleeping in the same room with baby?

    Hi everyone,
    My baby is 11 months old. She's been sleeping with my helper since birth. I've been wanting to move my helper out of her room to sleep since she was 9 months old. But it's seems really hard because my daughter will move around a lot during her sleep. Sometimes she will be crawling while sleeping and my helper will wake up and move her back to sleeping position. She won't be crying so even if I have the baby monitor on, I wouldn't know she has been moving. She will be in very odd positions and I'm afriad she will not sleep thru the night if noone is there to move her back to sleeping position.
    Has anyone have this probelm with their LO? Pls. share your experience.
    I'm afriad if I let my helper sleep in the same room with her for any longer my daughter will develop sleeping problem in the future.
    Thanks for any advise!

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    jane01 is offline Registered User
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    Nov 2003
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    I think it is very normal for babies to move around whilst sleeping. I like to give my 1 year old daughter a **** before I go to bed and she is always in odd positions. She just likes to move around to get comfortable. That is why she is in a cot - to keep her safe whilst she does this.

    I'm not sure why your helper started moving your baby in the first place if the baby wasn't even crying? I have never heard of this happening. Your baby is very capable of finding a comfortable sleeping position by himself. It might not look comfortable for you, but babies are different. My oldest daughter went through a cute stage of sleeping with her bottom in the air, legs tucked under.

    I would certainly stop your helper from doing it. As you say, you may just be causing sleep problems in the future. Also, your helper must be very tired from getting up in the night to do it.

    If your baby is used to being readjusted during the night, it may take a week or so for him to be able to find a comfortable position by himself.

    I'm tired and grumpy today so don't take offence, but why does your helper attend to your child at night when you are home? Surely if the parents are home the parents should attend to the child's needs? I know, you are going to say you work during the day, but so does your helper ! Take turns with your husband so at least one of you gets a good nights sleep but you are the parents.

    Good luck.

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    bekyboo44 is offline Registered User
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    I have to agree with Jane01- all babies move around in their sleep, it's just what they do, as we as adults also do. Your baby doesn't need the helper there to move them back to a sleeping position,, wherever your baby positions themselves is their sleeping position!

    I don't agree with helpers sleeping in the babies room at all. Parents should be getting up in the night for the baby! That's parenting!

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    mintycat is offline Registered User
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    Sep 2006

    I have to agree with the previous posters. If you don't hear her cry, that means she is not uncomfortable. My daughter sleeps all over the bed (and the crib when she was younger). She has slept by herself since she was 5 months old. When she was younger, we'd go in and check on her but we never moved her unless she was in a dangerous position like a leg stuck between the crib rail. Now we rarely go in unless we hear her cry through the monitor. Just make sure she is safe if she is still young, ie., no blankets, pillows or toys in her crib.

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    turtle is offline Registered User
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    My daughter has an absolute disco in her cot at night and never wakes, I think it is totally normal otherwise she would wake herself up all the time. Leave the poor thing alone if she isn't waking up! If you are worried about her getting twisted in the sheets then put her in a sleeping bag...

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    carang is offline Registered User
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    Sai Kung

    my boy has been in a proper bed since he was 14 months. he's only fallen right out of it once, but there have been a couple of times where he is half out of it.

    he moves around like you wouldn't believe. it is perfectly normal. i do go in to check on him once right before i go to sleep. if he's moved so that he's on top of hte blankets, then i re-adjust him. if he's ok, then i leave him.

    it's perfectly normal. i have a feeling that your baby will take a while to adjust to NOT having someone there to "fix" them all the time. but as there's really no need to do it, then why continue? it just seems like unnecessary work for the helper. she would be far better off getting a good night's sleep anyway so that she's ready for work the next day.

    good luck!

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    superMaMa is offline Registered User
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    Pat Heung(N.T.)

    My 16 months daugther also like to sleep with her bottom in the air, legs tucked under. I think all baby is the same during they sleep.

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    PreggerC is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2005

    helper in room with baby

    everyone including ourselves sleep in different positions. my son turns 180 degrees in the crib when i see him in the morning. you should not let that stop you from having your helper sleeping in the same room. i personally think it may be too late to break the habit already but if you have concerns you should do it. will take several weeks of crying but i think it's worth it.

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