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Ikea bedframe but not ikea mattress

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    kellyst is offline Registered User
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    Ikea bedframe but not ikea mattress

    I'm thinking of buying a toddler bed frame from Ikea, but the Ikea mattresses seems really flimsy and soft. Given that their prices are much cheaper than some of the other brands I saw, i'm a bit wary of the quality.

    Any ideas on if i can get good quality mattresses else where to match that size?

    we've been on a mamas and papas crib and mattress, i liked it and would buy another one of the same mattress if the size fits. but i did some measurement and it seems like the largest mamas and papas mattress is still too short for the 160cm x 70cm Ikea bed.

    any ideas for a good toddler bed? or maybe custom-made? Ikea's frames are at such good prices though...

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    vivianhui is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2007
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    Try sea horse, I think they have a shop in Causeway Bay. They can custom-made mattress, you just have to give them the measurement. I think they will also let you choose from a few materials for different firmness.

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    tzechuk is offline Registered User
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    Kelly, we just went to IKEA today for exactly the same - a bed for my DD. I tried their mattresses and actually quite liked them.

    IKEA is good quality, even if it's cheaper, relatively. It's just that they are like a DIY store, and DIYs in the west are like depot stores that sell things cheaply.

    I would like to get a mattress that is fairly firm but not so firm that it's almost like sleeping on the floor - no point in buying a mattress, then, cos you might as well sleep on the floor!!

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    elaine is offline Registered User
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    tseung kwan o

    You can check out Sea Horse's locations here:

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