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breastfeeding TV program on Jade to nite 9th Jul

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    Thumbs up breastfeeding TV program on Jade to nite 9th Jul

    This is an email sent out by LLL leader Maggie today:

    Hi everyone

    One of our members sent me an email to let me know about a programme on TVB Jade
    tonight, so I thought I would pass this info. See below.. Maggiexx

    Just wonder if you know there will be an RTHK programme "HK Connection" on
    breastfeeding on TVB Jade today. The episode is called "The best formula" and basically it
    will talk about how the marketing strategies of formula manufacturers led people to
    believe that their formula is the best formula for babies. You can read some more about
    the episdode on the following link (it's in Chinese though):

    The episode will be aired at 7 pm on TVB Jade today. I notice that there's an English
    version of HK Connection on Thursdays on TVB Pearl, but I'm not sure if it will talk about
    the same thing in the English version.

    Webcast is available on the RTHK website after the programme is aired.

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    I saw it and it was very good. I've always been wary of formula company over-advertising. Luckily I have never encountered them hard selling me their products. At the OB's, I was asked what kind of formula I give my baby when I went for a 2 week post partum check up but when I told them I BF, they didn't persist.

    Also I am glad to hear that past the age of 2, there is no need to give a child formula. Tell that to my in laws who insist that my 2 year old should drink formula til 4-5 years old as there are tons of nutrition in it. And my brother in law is a pharmicist too! I told them after she has been on cow's milk since 18 months. I should've asked them to watch this program!

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