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Which kind of assessment speech or for autism?

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    tsim sha tsui

    Hello Freinds...

    I m new to this form...i was just searching about speech problem and got this form...
    My son he is 25 months old....he is only 1 child in home....he is having speech problem....he is not saying any words...before he used to say mama but now no more...he can sing ABCs and 1 to 10...also he can say few i see whatever i want to teach him he dont listen to me...otherwise he is very active....he can follow our sit down, lie down come here...dont do...etc....he is very active in playing the games....also he understand the nursery songs...he like to watch the cartons...but i m worried alot for him...wy he is not speaking...why he cant follow my words...if i want to teach him something why he doesnt listen to us.....i feel like crying....i m lots of worried for him...pls. help me...pls. let me know how should i solve my problem...any good speech centers in tst???


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    first thing i would do is have him do a hearing test, and then a language assessment from a speech therapist. my daughter (26mths) doesn't talk much either - only single words, and is only just starting to imitate my speech (when she feels like it - not all the time) but all her tests and assessments came out fine. you can try to contact Dr Anna Lee at [email protected], she works a the HKU Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences, Developmental Dyslexia Clinic ( and she can do language assessments for you at your own home ($2500) she is very informative, perhaps talking to her she can already ease some of your concerns.

    she tells me that as long as there is comprehension then all is fine - school will help her to develop her language base eventually. does your child have any problems at school? perhaps you can talk to her teacher (not playgroups - but actual nursery classes I mean).

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