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Difference in prices for vaccines

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    Difference in prices for vaccines

    I have noticed that there is a significant difference between the prices charged for some vaccinations. For example, the Twinrix Junior vaccine (Hep A & B) - at Dr Lucy Lord's it costs $700 and at Quality Health Care (Dr Elsie Lim) the same vaccine costs $400. Aren't vaccinations in Hong Kong standardised (ie: of the same quality)? Has anyone else experienced this? Do you think it is the same vaccine or a different version? All information helpful. Thanks!

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    Like all things in the private system, prices vary from DR to DR, as they can charge whatever they like.
    My Dr assures me they are all of the same quality.

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    huge disparity between doctors

    I've noticed this too.
    I've decided to 'go mainstream' instead of paying these 'famous' doctors twice or three times as much.
    I am now taking both my kids to QHC in Central. I got a 3 in 1 there last month (should have been her 18 months jab) for $500. The consultation is free as we belong to a plan.
    I took my son for his 4 month check and he had 2 shots and an oral (one was Rotavirus) for the grand total of $3,100!!
    I might revert back to a well-regarded pead if my kid was sick, but for the routine stuff, I really don't see the difference.

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