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how much would I pay if...

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    ctrbabe1 Guest

    how much would I pay if...

    In October or November there may be a chance that I can travel to Kenya for a conference. I will take my baby with me if I go, but I wouldn't be able to bring my 4 year old along. My hubby will not be able to take care of her on his own, as he has long hours and will be gone during the day.

    So, if I were to hire a helper for one week, to make sure dd gets off to school, does some cleaning, picks dd up from the bus, gets her lunch, takes her to the playground etc, makes dinner and stays around until hubby gets home?, (Probably by 8pm.), how much would I pay?

    I understand the going rate is about $3,700 per month (correct me if I'm wrong). So if I offered her $1,000 for one week, do you think that would be sufficient?

    It's not for certain if I'm going now or not, just want to get an idea.

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    unless i knew the person VERY well, i don't think that i'd be going for a helper for that week...i'd probably look at getting a qualified nanny for the week. it will cost a heck of a lot more, but i know that the child would be well cared for. a helper, without the training that you would normally provide a full-time helper, i don't think should be left without supervision.

    just my 2 cents!

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    I agree with Carang. Firstly, leaving your child unsupervised with someone they don't know is difficult (don't think i could do it) and i'd definitely want someone better qualified than a helper, who generally needs guidance in the first few weeks as to how to look after children in a way that is acceptable to the parents.

    Should you go down the helper route I don't think that that you can simply divide a helper's salary by four to work out what you pay them. If they are only working one week it still doesn't qualify them as a full time helper. You need to be paying them a lot more. Most would charge an hourly rate I'm sure.

    Good luck. It's hard when you have two kids and need to travel by yourself. I'm just opting to not do it at this point! If my husband can't come with, I don't go.

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    Don't mean to be a killjoy, but there is also the legal aspect. Anyone in HK on a FDH working visa cannot work for someone else other than their main employer.
    So, you'll be looking at hiring a local/dependent visa holder and a FDH's salary is irrelevant.
    You could try the labour dept's job board (online) but I tend to agree with the others and I'd be inclined to hire a qualified nanny. In which case, the fee would be far more than you've quoted.

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