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Medicine for 8 week old?

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    Medicine for 8 week old?

    In my previous thread, I mentioned that my then 7 week old caught a cold from my older LO. She had runny nose that went from clear to yellowish and a congested cough. I had planned to let it run its course but once it turned yellowish, I took her to a ped (not her regular ped) and he agreed that no meds were necessary and recommended that we just use saline to flush her nose.

    2 weeks later and the runny nose is gone but she is still quite congested when she coughs. It's not really interfering from her sleep and feedings but she looks and sounds so uncomfortable when she cannot clear her throat. Sometimes she chokes when she coughs. We had our 2 months check last Friday and her regular ped prescribed Singulaire and said it will clear her chest. My LO has taken this before but my LO is 2 years old. Ped said Singulaire is safe for infants but I am really reluctant to give meds to a baby this young. I did a check on the internet and found that this is an asthma medication and that it is recommended for kids 2 years and above, but my husband's arguement is that the ped knows what he is doing.

    What would you do?

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    We've had Singular once, but D was around 2 and this was after being sick quite a few times that the Dr was convinced he had an allergy.

    At 8 weeks he had bronchiolitis and you could hear him wheezing. Our Dr would always prescribe Bricanyl to help open up his airways and something to loosen up the mucous.

    I would get a 2nd opinion.

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