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Help!3mths old baby addicted to pacifier!

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    wendylam is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2007

    Help!3mths old baby addicted to pacifier!

    I introduced a dummy to her during our first time flying for take off and landing and she has been addicted to it since then.She wont sleep or stop crying until we give her a dummy.I heard so many negative stories about dummy.How can i stop her?Any advice?

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    She's only 3 months! If she's being pacified by it, why not let her use it? It's been medically proven that using a pacifier REDUCES the risks of SIDS so why worry? You can wean when she's older!

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    ELT is offline Registered User
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    Feb 2006

    it is comforting for babies to have something to suck -- it is either the dummy or the thumb. If i had to choose between my boy's precious little thumb and a dummy, I'd rather he suck the dummy! Our pd, a local Chinese is all pro-pacifier. He recommended us to use it to comfort our baby. Like somebodyfamous, he advised that the dummy was an effective method to reduce SIDS. If you are concerned about hygiene, it is easier to keep a dummy than the baby's thumb clean. As to buck teeth, I'm pretty sure most babies would be wean off the dummy before she has permanent teeth so I'm wouldn't be too worried.

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    mscheerful is offline Registered User
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    Ya, my boy is now 5 months old. We introduced to him at 6 weeks old and he is now need it so much. We will let him have it till end of the year and will slowly wean him off when he turns one year old.

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    my older son hated the dummy, but my daughter LOVES it. i can't imagine how much more difficult my life would be if she didnt' take it. she's 6 months old next week. i want to get rid of it by the time she's 12 months.

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    Bess is offline Registered User
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    I was debating the dummy with our second child. Our first had one from 3-9 months and was very relient on it, would wake up in the middle of the night if it fell out and I didn't want a repeat.
    We started with out, but out of necessity (trying to get a 2yo to bed and the same time as a newborn by myself) it was used- a lot. My LO is now 6 month old and we only use the dummy now and again to help him off to sleep, generally if he is over tired.
    So don't stress, have a happy baby that sleeps became my motto.

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    intrigue is offline Registered User
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    my son was addicted up to 2.5 years. suddenly all the pacificers got "lost" if you know what I mean. When he'd ask for one we'd say we didn't know where they were. That was that. Doesn't use them anymore.

    Now.... if I can only do that with a milk bottle!

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    Dear All,

    My son is 18 months now. I was so worry and hesitate to introduce Dummy to him when he was 3 months old. But I think they really to suck something to comfort. So I finally tried it. My son is not keen on it, maybe I can share with you my personal experience:
    1) I use Nuk dummy (as I checked with 2 friends which brands they used, and they told me 'Nuk' and shared that their babies just not keen on it and drop it easily.) and my experience same as them. My baby just need it when he is very sleepy and not almost willing to take it when he grow up.
    2) I insist to provide him 'dummy' when he want to go to sleep, and must be in 'Bedroom' and 'no cruddle'. So he should experience he can't get all - my cruddle + dummy + during day time at living room in same time. (as I don't want him just has dummy during daily activities in anywhere) If he want to play, he will not expect a dummy to be provided.
    Just want to share with you. And I really think my boy just need the dummy for a few months, then not keen at all. I believe my decision to give it to him was alright.

    God bless us.

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