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4 year old boy, what is height and weight?

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    MickeyMom, I am in the same boat! my son will be turning 4 in october, and he's 15kg and just under 100cm. although he's active and healthy, and has a great appetite, he just doesn't seem to be growing as quickly as the kids around him. i'm not worried, but i do notice that he's thinner and shorter than most of the kids his age. as long as he's normal and healthy!

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    yeah, best to relax and just keep them healthy, active and bright. my doctor said that if we see changes on these three measures, then that's when we start to panic.

    btw, when i buy clothes for him from Zara (a european brand) and Gap (american brand), he is normally on the age 3-4 range so i think overall he's fine. some kids, like my niece are really just way over the charts! she weighs 22kg and stands at 110cm and they are the same age. that is a glaring difference which is why everytime we get together, i panic.

    but she turns 4 in a few months and still survives on milk. rarely eats propers meals on a regular time. my doctor would much prefer that my son eats regular healthy meals than pure dependence on milk.

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