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can oversees qualified teachers work in HK?

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    Hi Onesarah
    Welcome to HK
    Don't worry, I think it is very easy for native English speaking teacher to find a job in HK. If you want a part time job, it is easy to find private tutor job in Hong Kong. Since many HK parents are very eager to find a NET to improve their child's English ability. However, I don't know whether school will hire part time NET. May be some private education centre will.
    What kind of job you want?

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    Some schools prefer caucasian LOOKING teachers rather than Asian looking teachers (even they are perfectly fluent in English e.g. born and raised in the States). I guess it is weird. My friend is working at the kindy association and she told me this suitation, she said this is mainly because HK parents like SEEING the teachers as English speaking. Hm............:swoman

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    You could do supply work- most international schools find it difficult to get teachers to cover people who are off sick, on sabbatical, maternity leave.

    Best just to send your resume off to international schs in HK and see what they come back with.

    Competition for ESF jobs is very fierce as they advertise their jobs worldwide and not just in HK, they also offer a partic. good package (although not as good as use to be).

    All teachers in HK must be registered with the EMB, this is something that any school employing you will help you with. The HK government recognises UK teaching qualifications.

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