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Good International Schools

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    Good International Schools

    We are coming to HK in a couple of weeks to check things out. We have 2 boys aged 5 and 3, but we wouldn't be moving until January. I need some advice on good international schools and also on places to live. We are Canadians but have been living in Bermuda for the last 9 years. Both boys currently go to a montessori school, but I've heard that the IMS doesn't have a great reputation. They are young enough that a switch to a regular stream school should be okay.

    Also, how far is the commute to Central from the various residential areas - we would prefer a house/townhouse with a garden rather than a high rise as the boys will have enough of an adjustment moving from an island with only 65,000 people to a city of 7 million!

    Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks.

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    "Good International Schools"


    Hope you have a great visit to Hong Kong. Do go see schools for yourself if possible, rather than go by "reputations". I have yet to see a bad school here, only ones that may be more or less suitable for specific children. IMS happens to be undergoing a change of location right now, but sure enough it will be back on its feet again in no time, amd some other school will be on the gossip radar. I would recommend to focus on the needs of your older child, because there are endless preschool choices for the younger one, and once your older child has a place, the younger one has a good chance of getting in later.

    You should really trust your instincts, as well as seeking a range of opinions and advice. Same goes with residential areas- there are so many options to choose from. In my opinion, travel distance to work and school should be the main consideration after general "quality of life". You are experienced expats and will most likely enjoy your experience here too. Good luck!

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