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Crying before sleeping

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    Crying before sleeping


    In the last couple of days, my 8-week old baby has had to cry quite frantically in my arms for about 5-10 minutes before going to sleep. Before, I would only have to rock her in my arms after feeding for her to sleep and she didn't have to cry.

    Is there any way of putting her to sleep without her having to cry first?

    I would also like to know if it's too early to take an 8-week old baby outside...I'm wondering if her change in behaviour is due to the fact that she went out and is overexcited.

    Any advice appreciated, thanks!

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    Is this happening for daytime naps too? Are you holding her while she's crying?

    Could be that, now she is becoming more aware, she knows you are about to put her down to sleep and she wants you to keep holding her. Make sure you are putting her down awake. Stay with her a while if it helps, pat her, but try not to pick her up. Unless you think she may have wind.

    I took both my babies out from the beginning. Sometimes, overstimulation can make babies cranky, but I would expect an 8 week old to fall asleep quite quickly in the buggy or carrier. So, unless she's out for hours every day, I wouldn't be too worried about overstimulation.


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    check if it is some kind of a mild gas prob just after she has taken her feed....try burping her on yr shoulder immediately after the feed or putting her down on her tummy to relieve gas....other than that it could be what kashimum has said ... a kind of separation anxiety though i have not personally faced that.....8 week old baby is more than ready to go outside and face the fact that used to cheer up my son....i started taking him out after a month....all the best!

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    Sometimes babies like to have a bit of a cry (it is called crying down) to go to sleep. It helps them release some excess energy. Mine tends to have a wail for about 2 minutes now that she is 6 months and then turns her head and goes to sleep!

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