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Baby swimming - risks?

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    Baby swimming - risks?

    I am going to join an infant swimming class with my 6-month old next week. But then I read about risks associated with water intoxication (baby drinking water when submerged into the water) and ear infection. And also increased risk of asthma! Now I am getting an bit panicky! Any advise from mom's who have been on these classes? Any risks?


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    Fo Tan

    Our LO has been in swimming classes for months now, although he didn't start at 6 mos. Maybe closer to 10? So he has been in swimming lessons for 6 months or so.
    He really hasn't swallowed that much water, nor has he ever had an ear infection and I question any study linking things like swimming and asthma. I think that link has to do with chlorine and indoor pools, so it is also linked to frequency, duration, ventilation, genetics, air quality, etc....
    On the postive side, when he was visiting cousins in the states, he wasn't afraid of the water but his 2+ year old cousin was. Really, ever since we spent a long weekend at Rasa Ria (Kota Kinabalu), he loves the water. He loves the ocean, pools, water slides, bath time and water hoses. Nice to see him having so much fun.

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    I think your child will benefit and enjoy the lessons and this will far outweigh the unlikely risk of ear infections. Your baby is not going to drink so much water that they have water intixication. If you are really worried, just don't put them under the water, although personally I think it is fine to do that and have done it my self. I've put my children in the pool at 6 month of age and they loved it.

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    We started taking our son swimming from four months and no problems....he now goes twice a week at least and no problems...he does like to drink the water, something I am trying to get him to stop doing, but he is a very determined ten month old now and it isn't always easy....I wouldn't worry about it.

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