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public hospitals

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    public hospitals

    i went thru the list of pub hospitals given in this list complete? i see none in the wanchai/happy valley area? also, can someone pls. guide me which out of these is most recommended based on your experiences....and i am already seeinga pvt. gynac, should i see a public hospital simultaneously to cut costs on tests.......Rani could you pls. help?

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    The only public hospital in wanchai/happy valley area is Ruttojee Hospital but without maternity service.

    Bear Lau:

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    but it's not like the other hospitals are hours away...i'm not sure which catchment area you'd fall under, but rest assured there are hundreds of women in your area that have safely given birth at public hospitals.

    also, it is up to you whether you want to save the $ and have the main tests done at a public hospital. however, you would have to register with the maternal and child health centre in your area and most of the check-ups and tests would be conducted there, not at the hospital.

    the public hospitals do offer a private/public sheme, you can call to ask them about it.

    good luck with the pregnancy.

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