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getting rid of bottle

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    manya_feb is offline Registered User
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    getting rid of bottle

    Can anyone advice how can i make my three year old daughter to give up drinking milk from bottle and start drinking from glass.

    From past ten days or so i have totally stopped bottle but she is constantly making fuss over it and have reduced the quantity and i m having very hard time.

    Does really giving milk from bottle cause damage to her teeth?

    Please help...

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    mintycat is offline Registered User
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    We discarded bottles at 18 months and gave her straw cup for her milk. She was introduced to the cup before 12 months so we made sure she knew how to drink from one. We gave her the cup in the morning first because that was when she was the hungriest. Then gradually over the next few days, we replaced each feeding with the cup and discarded the bottle. It took 3-4 days. It may take longer for your girl since she is older and usually will fight it. My daughter is now 2 years 4 months and still drinking from a straw cup, won't take milk from a normal cup.

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    Buckeroo is offline Registered User
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    I have friends who called on the "bottle fairy" to come take away the bottle and give their LO a new big boy/girl cup...

    Or why don't you take her shopping for her own special cup? There are plenty of cute ones that I'm sure she'll like. Once she's picked one, tell her that she'll then have to trade in her bottle for the cup.

    The first few times after you've switched to the cup, she might not be taking as much milk as she would have from the bottle (my son was like that!), but it'll 'normalize' after they get used to it.

    Or --to make the transition easier, switch to ta straw cup first. Good luck.

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    geiboyi is offline Registered User
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    cheung chau

    We were having the same issue - actually it's finished now, we went to the UK on holiday, I said that in England they didn't have bottles and gave him a cup. Yes, he's drinking less, but I figure it will balance out in time. Otherwise he would have been taking a bottle to university with him.

    (We tried everything else - we have a whole buffet of baby cups - fine for water, no-go for milk...)

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    Sheung wan

    Yeah i know how tough it is to get them off the bottoles.My son wud drink anythn from the cup except milk.One fine day i said i just cant find ur bottole anymore .he was desperate and helped me look around.He understood that someone came along and took it away.he thought it a big bird flew in thru the window.He said shout the bird mama he took my bottole.
    Finally he ended up choosing a sippy cup and in a week's time th ebig bird came and took that away too.So we are now with a straw and cup.
    I used to pester him with the no bottole since he was 2 and am surprised how it happened overnight.
    Now am stuck with thumb sucking.I badly hope some magic happens to get rid of that.

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