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Fighting back the tears

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    Fighting back the tears


    My 3yr old son just started K1.He was looking fwd to it so the first day fine.Its been a week now but from the second day onwards he started to wail and cling on to me etc ...Now the problem is he doesnt cry it out.He doesnt want to go to school though he has made friends and likes it there.He knws he has no choice so he fights back his tears.his dad leaves him at school in the morn so the initial parting from me is what he cant take.I ask him to cry it out if he feels sad but he says 'no i am happy' with a twitching face....I dont know how to handle it...Please help me.I think one should always let out their emotions ...
    thanx alot for the valuable comments.

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    maybe you can observe why he's holding back his tears & pretending to be OK. do you or your husband hide your feelings? when you're sad, do you cry or pretend nothing is wrong? small child imitate us so much, they even pick up small emotional cues like these.

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