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thin lining - cannit be helped at this stage?

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    thin lining - cannit be helped at this stage?

    Hi Girls

    So went for an U/S after taking Clomid for the first time and all looks good, I have one eggie nice and ready... problem is my uterine lining is quite thin... a side effect of Clomid...

    Is there anything I can do at this stage to help the linig a bit?

    I am meant to go for a trigger inj. tmrw and O is expected on Thursday...

    ... please help, I don't want to give up on this cycle just yet

    ps - doc said if I don't get preggs this cycle she won't use Clomid again.

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    Dr. Lo did not give me Clomid because my uterine lining is thin --- it has been that way since i was single which is why i couldn't get on birth control pills.

    Discuss with your doctors what other options are available. With me, he suggested IUI.

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