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What to do when someone tries to develop my fear in my child?

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    What to do when someone tries to develop my fear in my child?


    I have almost 2 years old, very lovely and affectionate baby boy.
    He is naughty and you all the can very well imagine the activities of toddlers at this age.
    I want to grow him very lovingly like all other parents, yet I also want to teach him the discipline in more constructive manner. I had never slapped my baby neither I want to do so in future.
    I am worried when my family members uses sentences like "don't do like this otherwise your mom will slap you" just to control his activities.
    I always want to follow the correct method and teach baby why we are controlling him and not just saying that don't do this or that otherwise mom will slap you.

    I am really against this and I don't want that my baby develops my fear and gap with me.

    Please let me know when such thing happens in family, what shall I do? Specially if such sentences are used by someone who is elder than you.
    Some tips and tactics.


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    Firstly, I would just tell anyone who says something to your child that you don't like to refrain.

    As far as wanting to explain to your child the reasons why they are not allowed to do something I've actually read that whilst it's an admirable trait it is unnecessary and can actually back fire. Children need to know who's boss and as boss you don't always need to give reasons for your actions, particularly when your child is so young. I say things like 'mommy says no' firmly. Sometimes it works,sometimes it doesn't! My son is 19 months old..

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