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Baby not wanting to be put back in cot at night

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    My little one is only two months old and we also co-sleep. Tried to let him sleep in his own cot, but would wake himself up with his flailing arms. Doesn't like being swaddled either. He's also developed a habit of wanting to nurse every time he wants to sleep. Maybe he's starting to associate sleep with nursing. Am i fostering a bad habit? What should I do? I figure it's ok, since he is still quite young.

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    Sounds EXACTLY like my little girl. Except she was sleeping fine for the first 3 months and when she got the cold she's been difficult to put down (unless on her side which we only found out about recently). I've recently put her in a grobag and she seems to be adapting to it (took a few days to a week). As for wanting to nurse to sleep, that's very common for breastfed babies and mine is doing the same. I too am worried about sleep association, but to be honest what can you do if your baby is crying for milk?!?! Sometimes I try to rock her instead of feed and if that fails I feed her. Also I've been trying to shorten the feeds in the hopes that she'll figure out its not worth the hassle of waking up in the middle of the night. She used to be able to sleep a long stretch of 5 hours but now wakes up every 2-2.5 hrs without fail! *Sign* That's motherhood for you!

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