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Help, my baby loves playing with doors - open and close

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    Help, my baby loves playing with doors - open and close

    Dear Parent,

    My boy at 20 months now. He loves to play Pee-K-boo, hide and seek, open and close all doors. He actually loves all kinds of these. I have difficulty to stop him.

    Can any one share with me:
    - if this is normall at his age?
    - any good way to stop him, or limit these kinds of activities for a short period?

    I wonder when the toddler (my boy) will lose interest in it.

    Thanks for any sharing.

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    Neha is offline Banned
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    Our son is 10 months he loves opening and closing doors. he actually knows he will get hurt so he is very careful when he closes the doors and then goes and sits a little behind just in case someone opens the door. I think it is just normal.

    I dont know how to stop him from doing that

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    capital is offline Banned
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    You could put up a baby gate if you need him to stay away from doors, Or put on the child proof door knobs so he can't open the door.

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    bekyboo44 is offline Registered User
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    My son is 11 months and also loves to open and close the doors- but like Neha's son he knows to be careful so his fingers don't get jammed....his favourtie new door to open is the one on the washing machine and he can spend ages puting things in the machine, closing the door, opening the door, taking the object out!

    You can buy safety catches to keep the door open, and so that baby can't close it. You screw it into the wall and it keeps the door securely open. Can buy in B2B.

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    AnpanBaby is offline Registered User
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    As peek-a-boo and closing/opening doors are all related to the theme of "object permanence", perhaps you can try other games that also stress this aspect. Hope this helps!

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