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Need advice on reading/bedtime story with 1 YO

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    1/3J is offline Registered User
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    Question Need advice on reading/bedtime story with 1 YO

    My son is almost one year old. I'd like to do reading and bedtime story with him but so far not successful. I try to sit down and read to him but he just doesn't stay. He enjoys crawling around a lot more. Usually I end up reading to the air for one more minute and give up. Re bedtime story, he either falls asleep in the middle of the last feed or wants to go out of the cot and play for a little longer. My presence then becomes a stimulant and makes him want to stay up. Appreciate your advice and tips on how to develop the habit. Thanks!

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    barbwong_130 is offline Registered User
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    I’d leave it a while. 12 months is a little young to be interested in listening to stories. Neither of my boys would sit still for a story until they were three or four years old.

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    snagito is offline Registered User
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    If you choose books that have flaps that he can turn, or little things for him to touch then he will feel more involved.. Also we ask our son to turn the page please which he loves! I would persevere even if it's just one book a night because eventually he will get into it - Also, you could try reading two books -put one in front of a favourite soft toy - and the other is for the two of you.. Just make it as fun as possible! Good luck!

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    miaka is offline Registered User
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    my bb loves having stories read to her. we have a bunch of board books and i simplify the story as much as possible bc her attention span is v. short. but we don't have a set bedtime story routine (maybe when she's older).

    i just read to her whenever she hands me a book. sometimes about halfway, she'll walk off to get another book or play something else and we just let her be. occationally she'll sit thru a story .... a very very short one. i highly recommend sandra bounton board books.

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    mommy sara is offline Registered User
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    I also tried around 12 months but found that at bed time it's too stimulating and he would have trouble sleeping. Around 15 months he started showing more interest in the pictures but was still too young to care about the story. Around 20 months is when he actually wanted to hear a story.

    We just always keep books available and he can look at them whenever he wants. Now he just loves books and can't get enough. Don't worry he'll get there!

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    janice1212 is offline Registered User
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    I have similar situation as you when my twins were 12 months old. I have not set the bedtime reading habit. As what Mommy Sara did, I let my twins gain access to the books easily and they can get it anytime they want to. My twins love board books with one picture on each page. They love to point to the pictures they know such as banana, apple, drum. It works. My son can say "Banana" (cannot speak clearly) when he see it. My daughter can find the picture among the books that I asked. They are now just 16 months.

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    loupou is offline Baby Guru
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    My tips:

    1) Read whenever it seems like he might like it.

    2) Read things that are very short (1 nursery rhyme w/ a cute picture)

    3) Consider singing nursery rhymes

    4) Get board books that baby can chew on

    5) Sandra Boynton is a genius!!!

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    bekyboo44 is offline Registered User
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    Discovery Bay, Hong Kong

    I've read to my son since he was born- and it's a lot harder now than when he was tiny!

    My son has access to books throughout the day- all his board books are at a height that he can reach and he will often take one day and turn the pages, and make his babble talk as he does so! Board books are great, and he has just started to show an interest in books with flaps, as well as 'touch and feel books.'

    I read to him, and keep reading even if he is wandering around the room and playing with something else. Usually he will start off sitting by me and listening to the story and then his attention wanders....however I keep reading (at this age it is more important that children hear the words in a book, than read/ see them) and sometimes he wanders back to have another look, other times he keeps listening but plays with something else.

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