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desperately need advice

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    I think it makes a lot of sense what mommy sara wrote.

    Also, whenever I make exceptions to the rule / routine, I notice that my kids act up much more and it's hard to get back to 'normal routines again. Happens often when we travel, of course. And in between, too - I'm not a routine person myself - and then I 'pay' for it afterwards...;-)

    Another reason for your kid's behaviour can maybe be that at this age many children start becoming more independent, and venture away from us to explore their surroundings, start noticing their peers etc., but at the same time need (even more) the reassurance that we are still there for them.

    I would also try to give her plenty of attention (not just play, maybe let her 'help' you accomplish tasks, too, take her shopping etc.), but I would definetely go 'cold turkey' on the sleep issue. After all, how can you focus on her if you are exhausted yourself?

    Remember, it's all just a phase. I hope for you that this is a short one! Good luck.

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    thank you all~

    THank you all for kind replies.
    all of them really help and give strength to me.

    I am still trying and I think she's getting better day by day.

    today, Finally I didnt have to hold her up in my arms.( I wish it wasn't just for today! )
    I just lied down and waited till until she falls asleep.
    Her separation anxiety is getting better, but I think it will take a bit longer.
    I think maybe somehow she got scared during the travel because of the environment change.
    Now I think she knows we're back home,feels comfortable and hopefully she gets back to normal like she was before.

    I really appreciated all of your replies. thanks again.

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