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    I had a miscarriage in August and more than happy to speak to you about the D&C. It's not painful at all, but its sad, you need all the support possible.

    I had my husband and its hard to try to explain it to girlfriends that haven't had a miscarriage. They just don't understand no matter how bad they feel or how much they listen. I cried for nights and days and every now and then I sit in bed thinking what could have been.

    But that does not help, so try very hard to think positively. Its best for your mental state. Your body can detect bad chromosones, so its a blessing in disguise, some women's bodies' cant. We welcome healthy babies right?

    Send me an private message if you wish...

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    I have had the same experience at 10.5 weeks and ended up with a d&c. You will feel cramping and a small amount of discomfort but mostly it is just emotional scarring. I miscarried on Sept. 29th my husbands Bday. I am still having emotional issues with it although with time it is getting better. Your emotions are running wild and for me the first period was very up and down. Take all the time you need and feel everything so you do not have it coming back later.
    I am really sorry I know how it hurts. I am free to chat when ever.

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