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What should i do?

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    What should i do?

    Dear Moms
    My son is 3.4yrs old and now going to K1.
    He started thumb sucking at 6mos and till date he continues.
    I tried bite X and all sorts of things but he just wudn stop.
    He doesnt do it at school but the moment he sees me or his father he clings on to us and sucks his thumb.With me he needs to pull my hair and it ends up in knots (which i have to cut it off).
    He used to do it when he was tired/bored/hungry/sleepy but now the frequency has increased.
    I dono what to do...i am tired of telling him not to do it.
    He says he is a big boy but when it comes to this he says i am a baby.
    Will it help if there is a sibling in the family?
    Should i ignore him?(i tried that actually)
    Thanx a lot for your comments

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    I think if he is still only 3 yrs old you don't need to worry about his thumb sucking. My brothers and I sucked our thumbs into our teens (although only at home!) and have turned into well adjusted, happy and successful adults.

    However the hair pulling you might want to stop, if only because it would then mean you wouldn't need to keep cutting your hair off!

    Does the frequency increase when he is feeling upset, hurt, sad? If so maybe you need to address what might be making him feel any of those things.

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