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Parents giving up adopted child

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    But the Dutch Govt have said publicly that it is a personal matter for the family. They have no intention of interfering. They might reprimand him privately.

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    Taken from Telegraaf today - sorry the translation is a mess. You get the picture anyway - Jade's teacher comes forward.

    This puts the Dutch school teacher who gave to jade-stone (8) Dutch lesson to the Dutch school ' the oranje Sampan ' in hongkong. The hongkongse viceconsul Raymond Poeteray and says to its woman Meta that their ex-dochter contended with a mental impairment and it has been put for this reason from their family. But says jade-stones ex-schooljuf now: "jade-stone was always a glad, open and intelligent child, kerngezond!" "as a mother of two adopted Korean children and as school teacher of jade-stone I have followed ' affair jade-stone ' with bewilderment. I have taught for seven years to the Dutch school ' the oranje Sampan ' on hongkong Island. Jade-stone zat at me in the group during the school year 2004-2005. I have once more consulted the educational report on: nothing wrong with jade-stone. I am not possible myself presenting that such a wizard in about short period can change, thus the school teacher, who wants remain anonymous, reacts for fear of its openhartigheid causes problems for family members in hongkong. Rather also a baby-sitter, acquaintances of the family put Poeteray and two highplaced civil servants in hongkong, responsibly for the current relief of jade-stone, question signs at the ' tie fear ' of jade-stone. The school teacher was enraged on jade-stone. I could prefer nobody, but that little girl and I closed each other in the heart as from the very first moment that them my klasje binnenwandelde. I could wait never to the hair turn was for ' class assistant ' be. Then she crawled along dense against me, cuddled we each other and gave I its kusjes in the ring. The family Poeteray became pin in a worldwide diplomatic rel after the Korean consulate in hongkong announced that jade-stone had been dumped by the Dutch diplomat cross-belt because she would not be appropriate "within the family and do not want adapt to Dutch culture and eetgewoonten". The viceconsul refused firstly comment, but were forced to a written declaration then give the rel enormous proporties adopted. According to him jade-stone suffers from a ' serious form of tie fear '. For this reason in the middle of 2006 jade-stone house was placed. school reports of in the middle of 2005 - in the possession of this newspaper - outline however a complete other picture of jade-stone. In this becomes them defined as "a pleasant pupil, who seizes each challenge". According to the teacher jade-stone speaks fluently Dutch. In one of the reports stands that the little girl in ring conversations is "very assured and mixes itself in conversations and asks even questions to the its klasgenootjes instead of that teacher that does". In these reports they scores all along the line, of contact and cooperation with the co-students, independently work, concentration, work care and speed of work ' well '. Also scored them well on language - and denkontwikkeling, spreekvaardigheid, lustre skill and word treasure. Before she went to the next group, the school teacher on 3 March 2005 wrote: Jade-stone has made good progress. She makes most of the tasks independent. She is a pleasant pupil, who is motivated enthusiastically and. An intelligent child, who needs a new challenge! On a parent evening, where Raymond and Meta both were present, the parents astonished themselves concerning the free behaviour of jade-stone. In a report of it stands: "parents had been astonished that jade-stone during our ring conversations ' the control ' takes by asking put to its klasgenootjes. Parents went out of it that she must feel himself very at its ease and that did good their. The couple Poeteray states that jade-stone has had vast therapeutic aid and still gets, but the teacher weet of it nothing. "each child with a disorder had a medical file, for example concerning attention impairments or allergies, but jade-stone had no medical file at our." That the dumped little girl now stateloos is, puts the teacher. According to viceconsul Poeteray Dutch nationality does not have "jade-stone, purely as a result of the fact that we have finished the procedure by all medical problems to this end never". The teacher understands that not: We regulated Dutch nationality within one year after adoption of our children. He works on the embassy, he can regulate that relatively rapidly. This affair is one large traumatism for this child, because jade-stone is such typetje that all impressions if spons absorb.,1

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