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Difficult choice between kindergardens, help me!

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    Difficult choice between kindergardens, help me!

    Everybody told me it was difficult to get a space out of long waiting lists and/or interviews so I contacted several kindergardens for my daughter and got only positive answers!!Of course I am very happy (and lucky!) but now, which school to choose?
    - Small World: very good feeling with the staff, the philosophy of the school but... 30-40mn by bus from home
    - Victoria Kindergarden (Belcher's): very good reputation, down our flat so no bus, both english and putonghua to learn, but... the feeling that kids are not having so much fun (?...)
    - ESF Sheung Wan:very good reputation, only 10mn by bus but I still have to visit school to feel something about it...
    - also a local school but I think I will prefer one of the three first ones
    Can you help me with that??!!! Do you have any experience, recommandations?
    Thanks a lot!

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    Not much help here, but in the same building as Small World is Citykidz - no school bus though, but really good atmosphere, and children love it. Emphasizes learning through play and teachers are all very well qualified. Fees are also very reasonable.

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