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Victoria or Braemar Hill???

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    Victoria or Braemar Hill???

    Dear All,

    I've recently started looking at preschools for my son and am struggling between Victoria and Braemar Hill.

    does anyone know anyone who goes to these schools and what are the feedbacks? or does anyones kids actually go to these schools?

    cons? pros?

    any info would be great!

    Thanks for your replies..=>


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    Victoria costs about $4000+ while Braemar Hill costs $10000+/mth.

    Victoria is a mixed of montesori methods where they mix-teaches your kids based on his interest. So kids in a class will be divided into groups and end up doing different things at the same time. Also mandarin & english are taught.

    I do not know Braemar's method but many movie stars and riches send their kids there. You can judge them by the fees they charge. So I assume there will be some fame pressure faced by parents and kids who are not at "that" level.

    Have you called the schools yet? You should call them, ask about their teaching methods and fees and pay a visit. Victoria does have site visit.

    Hope it helps.

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    mine goes to Victoria PN classes in Homatin now for 4 mths, 2 days a week. i've seen mixed reviews of Victoria, but i've been personally very happy with the school. my girl is happy going to school and from talking to her teachers, i get the feeling that even with around 15-20 kids in the class, they do get to know my girl, her personality, what she likes, don't like.

    they are also not traditional teaching school. so they don't do traditional sit down and teach sessions. my 2 cents

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