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Carrycots as beds

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    Carrycots as beds

    Because my husband and I will probably be doing quite a lot of travelling during the first 3 or 4 months we are thinking that the carrycot may make a more familiar bed for the baby as it would always be in the same bed instead of having a new bed everytime we went somewhere different. This would mean we would not buy a moses basket / crib / cot etc ontil the baby was much older.

    Does anyone know if there are any safety issues involves in using the carrycot as a bed ??? (-e.g they don't have at good ventilation/matressess are poor quality etc etc.)

    We know that the books say you should use a different night time bed to day time sleeping place so the baby gets in a night routine but to be honest with the amunt of travelling we wil be doing in different time zones we are not going to be able to worry to much about sleep patterns anyway !!!

    We just want to know it is safe to do it.


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    Hi Kate,

    Remind me on Friday, and we'll chat about what type of carrycot you are thinking of using.

    The one I used was fantastic for short day sleeps when I was with the the baby. But not really suitable for him to be left alone for long periods in.

    We used a really good travel bed for trips away in the first year, which was excellent.

    You may rethink the idea of lots of travelling in and out of different time zones once you've done it a couple of times!

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    You could try an baby hammock, very portable for travelling (ours is an Amby and they click together very quickly and has a travel bag), good for day sleeps (you can move it around the house if need be) and has a number of benefits as a permanent bed also. We got ours at 6 weeks but I wish I'd had it from newborn. Apparently they are good to 12 months, but some people transition to a cot earlier.

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    Most of the Malaysian use the netting type of baby hammock for baby. (some photo can be seen at ) It can be easily carry as long as the stand is available for hanging. The netting is safe to prevent baby from suffocating when baby turning around.

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