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moms due july aug 08

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    Hi Debbie,

    Sorry for the late reply, havent been on this site for ages. I'm feeling ENORMOUS!! I'm going to Canossa Hospital. Find it really hard to concentrate now, and hubby really frustrated with my baby brain and slowness.....

    Hey RadicalMum,

    You can also check out Yvonne Heavyside's antenatal classes her classes are held in Central (Bank of America's building, Veritas Medical Practice).

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    If you need Pui Yuet (confinement nurse) offers the help (tel:23449782)

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    Hello mummies,

    thank you for the recommendations and links.

    will check them out. Btw, did you guys attend any classes? did you find it of any use? I've been wanted to get involved in classes but i'm still quite new to town, not use to the crowds everywhere and my husband barely have time to accompany me so i'm pretty much doing my self help over the books and internets up till now.

    Also, i've found some online shops that is of reasonable prices and most of them delivers.
    (btw, Ah chi as listed in Geobaby is really the cheapest i've came across so far, got a combi swing/highchair for HK$1530 instead of the retail price, HKD$2000 in boutiques. Did my last minute shopping there few days ago.. =P)

    Hope it could help some last minute mummies like myself. =)


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    Hi Haz
    thank you for the useful link ;) i am looking through it but some of the link is in chinese so i cannot read. May be i need to get my husband to read it instead lol.

    x cherie

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    Hi There!

    Can I join. Be nice to meet with teh new mommies to be. I joined an August thread as I am due early August but think I need to join the July thread been tld not many deliveries in August. A little confused; have a i joined the right thread? Hope so cause looking to join! hope to hear from any of you soon

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    Hi everyone,
    any Italian baby in here? I live in Taipo and have a baby of almost 10 months old, i wish to create a playgroup for her. If anyone would like to join a playgroup for babies, pls drop me a msg, thanks. Samy

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