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vacation with 9 month old baby

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    vacation with 9 month old baby


    Am planning to go away for a short trip during easter - does anyone have any suggestions as to where to go with a 9 month old baby?

    I was thinking of a beach holiday but then thought it might be pointless if my baby can't swim...or can they at that age??

    Any suggestions as to place, hotel would be appreciated!


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    We went to Cebu with our 3yo and our then 7-month old and it was great! I would say the baby had as much fun as the older one.

    Though they can't swim, they can still enjoy the water, the feel of sand on their feet, etc. We brought our baby to both the beach and the pool and she simply LOVED it!

    We stayed at the Shangri-la. Highly recommended.

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    bekyboo44 is offline Registered User
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    Discovery Bay, Hong Kong

    We also took our 9 month old to Cebu last summr, and also stayed in the Shangrila and it was great. Our son had so much fun on the sand, in the sea, in the pool.

    There isn't much else to do in Cebu apart from the hotel/resort etc. so the shangri la is a great choice as.

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    Fo Tan

    From the opposite side of the fence--we took our 9 month old to Aussie last year and he didn't enjoy the beach. He was just starting to walk and the shifting sands weren't his favorite. Plus the surf was a little too rough. He did enjoy the pool, however. Three months later he was fine both in the ocean swells and going down the pool slide (with mommy) at Kota Kinabalu.
    Which is also a great place for kids. We stayed at the Shangri-la (a trend, here) Rasa Ria. They have the beach, the pool, an orangutang sanctuary plus shuttles to the city of KK.
    Another recommendation would be (again) Shangri-la Rasa Sentosa in Singapore. Beach isn't so great, but the pools are nice and you are never far from anything in Singapore.

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    we had friends who took their 9 month old to Sanya and had a great time

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