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Baby very clingy after fever

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    Baby very clingy after fever

    My little 6 month old boy had a mild fever on Sunday which fortunately went down the next day. However, since the fever, he's been acting like a completely different baby. He's very very clingy, needs to be held all the time, either by myself, my husband or our helper. He also needs to have either one of us in sight otherwise he will just scream and cry like I've never heard before. Its as if he has separation anxiety.

    He's also lost interest in playing with his toys and refuses to go on his playmat or bouncy chair which he used to love.

    I started him on baby rice a couple of weeks ago and his poos seem normal, although he is peeing a little less.

    Has anyone been through this before? Is it just a phase?

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    It seems to me that although the fever has gone the full illness hasn’t. His behaviour is an indication that he isn’t 100% better yet. Give him a few more days to convalesce and he will likely go back to his old behaviour.

    I’m a firm believer in children having a convalescence period after an illness. When my school age children have been ill I always keep them off school an extra day (sometimes two) so that they are really better when they go back.

    Hope he’s feeling better soon,

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