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    My son is 4 yrs old. he loves to go to school but has difficulties making friends. His teacher says that he talks very well with the teachers at school but hardly speaks to his classmates and that he loves to play alone but does not play WITH his classmates.

    I have set up quite a few playdates for him at home and it seems that he still is in the parallel play stage. Please advise how I can help him socialize with other kids of his age.How can I organize the playdates so that he interacts with the children/child who comes to play with him.


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    Try to work out what he really enjoys and find another toddler who is interested in the same thing. That way, they can share their interests together. I see this with my son... if there is another child interested in what he's keen on, he's more inclined to play with the child. Of course it helps if they are the same age.

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