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preschooler study dilemma

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    preschooler study dilemma

    My preschooler son (4 and half to be precise)hates to do his numbers n alphabets and the study time( 25 mins every evening) is getting mentally stressfull for me than him..wonder how i can gt him interested in studies ....?

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    25 minutes sitting might be too long for a 4 year old. after teaching this age for over 13 years, my suggestions:

    1) keep it fun.make it a game...make some cards with the numbers/letters on them. spread them out on the floor and then ask for one at a time. always encourage him when he gets it right. or pull out a magazine and have him cut out all of the letters/words and stick them onto a piece of paper in the right order. you can also do this as a phonics exercise. draw the letter in the middle of the paper and have him look through newspapers/magazines and cut out photos that start with that sound. (you may have to assist him with this!) vary this a little for #'s.
    2) keep it short. maybe try a few short spurts instead of one really long time.
    3) relax and don't force it. if the pressure he feels continues, he will "dig in his heels" meaning he'll decide that he doesn't like it and then will refuse to do it at all. then you'll have a much more difficult time of it.

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