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    listen to your heart. if it doesn't feel right to let him cry, then don't. mothers know best. your ped's suggestion is easy for him to say cos he's not the mom listening to her baby crying. & it depends what age your ped is. i think the older generation believe we shouldn't "spoil" our babies by carrying them. i used to believe in that and struggled for so long cos my daughter would cry so loud & long if we didn't rock her to sleep. she'd vomit & make a big deal and it drove me crazy. it was because i wanted her to learn to "fall asleep by herself". once i accepted that she's just a baby & it won't be long before she didn't need us to carry her, it was OK for me emotionally.

    we did carry her to sleep until she was around 2. one day i just told her she's too heavy to be carried & i sat next to her & put my hand on her to let her feel secure. and she was OK with it.

    she just turned 3, and we only carry her at night when she's not well. but once she's drowsy, she wants to go bed by herself.

    i think babies are only small for so long. by he's 3, you can't carry him or he won't want you to carry him. so it's only gonna be 2 more years down the road (i know it sounds like a long time to you). look at it this way, it's just 2 or 3 years in his, what, 70, 80 years of life? carry him as much as you want to now, since he's still so small & light. when he's 10, you'll look back & be glad you carried him as much as you could. cos he won't let you carry him after he's 10 even if you beg him!!

    good luck with motherhood!

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    I agree with Joannek. Babies are only small for so long. I first put my DD down in her crib to sleep on her own when she was around three months' old because I wanted to write something in my journal. To my surprise, she fell asleep by herself. Now, at around six months' old, she goes to sleep by herself - sometimes, with me sitting next to her crib, writing or reading my book and other times, without me in the room with her. Even though I thank my lucky stars for her ability to put herself to sleep, I miss holding her when she is sleeping. She actually WANTS to be put down to sleep. I think every baby is different and we should just go with the flow and do what we feel is best for our babies. There's no right or wrong and they all outgrow this wanting to be held stage eventually. So, enjoy it while you can. I just wish that I had more time, rocking my baby to sleep, strange as it may sound!

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    My baby is 13 mos old and we always do story time and then I nurse him, sometimes sing, and he falls to sleep. He has always slept with us in the family bed. I would go with what you feel is right. My doctor in the US was a very progressive guy--he never recommended sleep training. It can sometimes take a long time for him to fall asleep, but I know most people say that they learn to do it on their own eventually. Don't go by weight charts too much, if you are nursing your baby, it is probably the right weight.

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