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Shatin Area

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    Shatin Area

    What is this area like to live in as a foreigner? I've only ever been there once to go the museum. I am more familiar with the gold coast and like it because it has lots of playgrounds, lots of grassy area, hardly any traffic, kids can ride bikes, its is safe, grocery store has lots of western food, but I think it will be too far to work and no schools close by. Is there anywhere in shatin, or closer to the university that would be similar to the gold coast?

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    I used to live in Tai Wai (stop between Kowloon Tong and Shatin on the KCR).

    I thought it was quite comfortable - lots of decent shopping for groceries:City Plaza in Shatin has a CitySuper and a SeiYu; there's a huge ParkNShop at that big place in Fotan... Royal Ascot?; and then you're also very close to Taste in Kowloon Tong.

    Plenty of playgrounds in Shatin area + you have all the bike paths - you can bike for kilometers from Tai Wai all the way up to Plover Cove.

    Shatin Area is also good for schools - ESF has Shatin Junior & Shatin College & you're also not so far from Ma On Shan if you want to try Renaissance College. At the same time, if you send your kids to school in Kowloon - it's also not too far.

    I've visited the Gold Coast once & it struck me as being inferior in convenience to Shatin/Tai Wai area.

    BTW - which university are you talking about? If CUHK - Yes, Shatin would be great & SJS & SC are both full of CUHK faculty members.

    CityU - Shatin Tai Wai is also convenient.

    HKPoly - also OK (on KCR)

    HKBU - acceptable distance

    HKUST? - better to live in Sai Kung /Clear Water Bay area

    HKU? Forget Shatin, look for somewhere HK-side

    Good luck!

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    Fo Tan

    As a foreigner, if you have to be surrounded by expats then Shatin area (which is a huge area) could be difficult.
    Also, there might be certain foods you can not get at any of those places loupou mentioned. We occassionally have to run to Central or Kowloon Tong for specific items. Although the PnS at Royal Ascot recently switched to a PnS International, so things are changing.

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    Hi, I lived in Shatin as a child/teenager and then there were a lot of expats....we lived in Ville de Cascade which is opposite Shatin Junior and Shatin College and there were always plenty of expats there and in Ville de Jardin on top of the hill. I'm not sure what it is like there now....but it was great for us, as complex had private pool etc. Plus school was a second walk away!

    The closer thing to what you are looking for, I think, is Hong Lok Yuen in Tai Po....full of expats, big park n shop catering to expats, club with pool etc. It has it's own international school as well as school buses to the ESF schools in Shatin and other schools in Kowloon.
    It helps to have a car there.

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