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Feeding schedule for twins w/ an older sibling?

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    Feeding schedule for twins w/ an older sibling?

    Just wondering how other mums of twins w/ an older sibling manage their feeding schedule? My twins have just turned 6 mths. So I have been introducing them to solids now. Can you also mention your daily schedule regarding sleeping and nap times as well!

    Does anyone follow the Gina Ford book for twins? I already have a routine myself, but I was wondering if others have other advice to pass on!

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    i don't have twins, but i have 3 sets of twin cousins...
    i think for your own sanity, it would be easiest to introduce solids at the same meal times as the older child.
    so if your older one has breakfast at 7:30am, then give the babies something too. i would start with one meal per day for a week or so, then increase it to twice for a couple more weeks, then up to three times per day by 8 or 9 months.

    if you start feeding different children at different times you are going to be exhausted and feeling like you are always feeding someone.

    good luck!

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    I have older twins (almost 3) with 5 month old baby and we do try to match the feeding/nap time of the baby with the twins. It is difficult to do all of the kids at the same time especially when twins are being difficult but I figured it will be easier than trying to change routine in the future. I did not read Gina Ford book for twins but the book for the singleton was good enough for me to develop my own routine for the twins.
    Good luck!

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    My oldest was 2 1/2 when the twins were born. At 4 months they were on a 2 nap schedule (and very early bedtime). That way they could lunch / do their afternoon nap at the same time (1 pm). Dinner would be twins first, then to bed, then my oldest (now we do it all together; they're 16 months now). During the morning nap I had time with the oldest (unless she was in school). I would feed them breakfast together, then a snack after their first nap, lunch all together (they were on bread at 6 months; I started at 4 months), then a bottle and some puffs (Gerber, we were in the States at that time) after their afternoon nap. Then dinner all together (my oldest would eat a snack).

    Once they get older, it gets easier and easier. They can put things in their own mouth. I would sit in the middle, either one in the high chair (Stokke) on each side and I would go from left to right. In the beginning, I did 2 spoons ... but I gave up very quickly, they still share forks and spoons.

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    my oldest is 2.8 and twins are 10 months, since 6 months old they have all eaten & nap at the same time. here's what are day looks like (all times are ish)

    7 / 7.15: all have milk then nappies changed & dressed
    8 / 8.30: all have breakfast
    9.15: twins nap for 45 mins
    11.45 / 12: all have lunch
    12.30 / 12.45: story & nap (twins down first, as toddler takes more negotiating)
    3.30 / 4.00: twins have bottle
    5.30 / 5.45: dinner
    6.15: bath for twins while toddler watches 10 mins tv
    6.45: bed for twins
    7.00: bed for toddler

    I find it lovely having that gap in the middle of the day where they are all asleep, and previous poster is right - eating all at the same time, although hectic, is better than feeding all day!

    hope this helps.

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