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Belgium for babies?

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    Belgium for babies?


    I am looking for more info on whether Belgium/Brussels is a friendly place to raise a toddler. I would be keen to speak with any parents who have lived and raised a toddler there.

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    weather is crap but quality of life is EXCELLENT. I lived in Brussels for 13 years and I think family style living is better there than single. It is rather quiet place and has all the advantages of European capital without its disadvatanges (crime, jams etc). But I do prefer HK by far - it rains a lot in Belgium... be sure to take your umbrella

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    I am Dutch, closeby and my parents live in Belgium (near Antwerp). Brussels is a really beautiful and international city. The weather ... not that great, just very unstable year around. You never know whether summer is going to be really summer. Organized country, pretty affordable childcare (at least compared to the Netherlands), good schooling system with options in Dutch / Flemish, French and English. Absolutely perfect food and many restaurants, etc. Easy to travel to many places in Europe. But we still make fun of them ... (and they make fun about us; that's what neighbors are for). It's an international city but still pretty small in that sense.

    I would enjoy it (rather live there than in the Netherlands), but we're going to HK first ...

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