My baby had been a pretty easy baby since birth until a week or so ago. He used to sleep through the nite and sleep on his own when I put him down awake for his morning and afternoon naps and nitetime.

We have recently moved to another country from HK he become so clingy. He seems to prefer me over anyone else. He cannot sleep by himself, not until he falls asleep and you put him in the crib. He will yell and shout and refuse to sleep though I know he is dead tired (he has cut down his sleep time from 15.5 hours in HK to 12-13 hours).

Is this just a phase for 10 month old and he will somehow grow out of it or what?

I sometimes let him cry himself to sleep but then he will usually wake up in less than an hour. My strategy now is to just put him down at his nap time. Let him cry (longest 30 mins). If he still refuses to sleep or wake up earlier than usual, I will just let him be. I hope one day he is going to realise he is very tired and need to sleep without cuddling and mommy there.

Any advice will be helpful.