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Capella vs. EDT stroller

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    Capella vs. EDT stroller

    I went into Eugene and the 2 strollers we are going between are the Capella and the Graco EDT. They are both lightweight, one hand collapse strollers.

    We really liked the extra options with the Capella, ex the full cover and option to have to baby face the opposite direction.
    But a staff member told us the EDT was a better made stroller and pointed out that the back support on the Capella was flimsy.

    Does anyone have some advice for me? Any problems with the Capella?
    Thanks for your help!

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    Here's something to consider if you are a frequent MTR person--wheel base. Most strollers are too wide to fit through the octopus card turnstiles and the lanes between the pipes to go up the escalators. You can still use the larger MTR entrances, but they are usually packed with people who can't walk the additional 5 metres to the normal ones; same for elevators.

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    My baby is now 8.5 months and we have been using Capella since then. We really like this baby cart since it has 2-way direction feature. It is safer to put the baby facing you when you are going out, especially when they are still very small.
    It is also very light and easy to be handled especially when I go out without my husband. The shopping bag is also wide enough and able to safely keep any goods inside even after it is folded. When my baby was below 3 month old, he took a nap on his capella cart daily at home while I was doing my daily routine and he seemed feel comfortable on it.
    Yes the full cover is great too. It is useful to prevent my cat jumping inside the cart when the baby was inside.
    In general I feel really satisfied with this cart and it is really value for money.

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