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Diabetic who is pregnant

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    Diabetic who is pregnant

    Hi I JUST found out that I am unexpectedly 9 weeks pregnant.

    Excited but worried as I had planned to do this when my sugars were in better control - I have been on insulin since I was 22.

    Are there any diabetics out there who have had children/ are pregnant? I think it would help to chat if I could as I am quite worried....


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    my sister was twice pregnant when she was diabetic. She was on insulin 3 times a day to keep her sugar levels in control. both the kids were fine healthy full term babies. I am sure your doctor will help u, but u need to monitor your sugar very carefully and have your diabetes doctor interact with your gyne to better understand your situation.

    Best of luck and dont worry


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    HI there!
    Sorry to bother you! can i know where did you give birth to your child? According to you experience, Is there any hospital or doctors in hk you could recommend?
    Many thanks

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