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Sleeping school for 3 months old

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    Sai Kung

    it is the total that your baby sleeps that is important, not so much when.

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    Your son sounds like he is doing a good job for a 3 month old bub. Everyone's right. Not all babies can do the marathon sleep through the night.

    Back home, we had a government funded "sleep clinic" that you could go to. Basically its for mums who are so exhausted by the bubs who don't want to sleep for a variety of reasons including cradling. Or you can hire private midwives to help you go through the motions of "training" your bub. I know mums in my mother's group in Sydney who one or the other. I used Gina Ford's controlled crying method so by 5 weeks, bub was sleeping from 6 - 10 pm, woken at 10 for a "midnight feed" then slept through til 6-7 am.(Sounds like your 3 month old is doing well - perhaps an earlier "midnight feed") That way ALL of us got rest. But the first couple of tries of controlled crying requires "a heart of steel" - not everyone can handle it. If you don't have "a heart of steel", the midwives are there to hold your hand through the entire process.

    Why don't you try approaching Annerly Midwives? I know another midwife agency but I can't recall their name. Will have a think and pop in again if I remember.

    Good Luck!

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