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Tips / Suggestions from Tai Tam Moms

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    MommyTo3 is offline Registered User
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    Tips / Suggestions from Tai Tam Moms

    We'll be moving into the Manhattan early August (we're renting as of half of June; my husband is already working in Hong Kong most of the time).

    Our children will then be 4y3m (girl) and the (b/g) twins will be 20 months old. We're Dutch but lived 4 years in Chicago (returned just before last Xmas; our children are dual citizens) and now (quite unexpectedly) Hong Kong. So 2 major international moves within 9 months ...

    My oldest will start either Woodlands Tai Tam (got a space confirmed) or possibly Sunshine (slight preference but not sure yet whether they have space for extended days).

    I am looking for all kinds of suggestions and tips from moms living in the area. Shopping (besides Red Hill Plaza) tips, dining (with and without kids), fun classes, play groups, mom's night outs, need of a car, etc. So the practical and the fun stuff!

    Also any tips/insight for schools after preschool (ESF Quarry Bay, Canadian International, HKIS, etc. are welcome.


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    Buckeroo is offline Registered User
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    Hong Kong

    In terms of shopping --

    1) Stanley Market - children's clothing. Lots of export overruns (Baby Gap, Next, OshKosh, etc.), good quality, great prices. One particular shop I find good is Kathy's --which is tucked away a bit in one of the inner lanes, near Pepperoni's (good pizza!).

    2) Groceries - There is a shuttle that takes you to Stanley Plaza where there is Taste --a much bigger supermarket with much wider variety than the Wellcome at Red Hill Plaza.

    3) Books - There is a great bookstore in Stanley Plaza called Book Buddy. Quality children's books. There is another bookstore in Stanley Market called Dymocks for a variety of children's and adult books.


    2) Fun classes for both you and the kids - You can check out YWCA.

    HTH. The other ladies on this forum might be able to help you more with the other stuff. :)

    Good luck with your move.

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    We live in the Manhattan and I think you'll find it easy to meet Moms here. Most people are really friendly and the playground and swimming pool are literally swarming with kids of all ages every afternoon.

    We shop at Taste in Stanley or drive to Repulse Bay where there is a much better Welcome than at Redhill. I think I've shopped at Redhill twice in the last year. It's small and depressing! You can also order groceries online.

    I believe that if you have kids you really need a car when you live in Tai Tam. If you don't it's easy to feel isolated. Who wants to take a cab with two little kids? Mine are 10 months and 2 so it's out of the question when I'm by myself. Taking the kids on most excursions takes a good half hour at least but at least with a car you can still go out for an entire day if you plan your trip to coincide with sleep times. Friends without cars stay in the area of do half day trips which is fairly limiting.

    By the way, there are quite a few Dutch families with kids the same ages as yours in the Manhattan. HK is probably the easiest place in the world to make friends and you might even like a lot of them :) kidding.

    If you can wangle a club membership I would suggest you do.

    There are plenty of activities in the area, for both moms and children though expect to pay expat prices.

    I tend to do most of my shopping (non grocery) in Causeway Bay or Central. We're not so far you can't make quick trips.

    There's a good library in Stanley, the kids section is good anyway. I find the bookshops here very average so buy what you can before you come.

    Can't comment on schools as my kids don't go.

    If you have other questions just ask.

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    MommyTo3 is offline Registered User
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    Feb 2008

    Thanks for all the great information so far!

    The people who are currently live in the appartment adviced us to get a car too. We'll probably will, but it's not my no. 1 priority ... first I need to get there!

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    mel_g20 is offline Registered User
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    Stanley, Hong Kong

    Thursday Afternoon Play group


    I have two kids similiar ages to yours, and we are part of a small play group who meet every thursday afternoon in Stanley/Repulse Bay/Tai Tam Area. My eldest goes to Woodland Tai Tam. You are welcome to join the play group when you arrive. There are also 20 month twins in our play group!

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    beetle888 is offline Registered User
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    Southside Playgroups/Schools... Living

    Hi there and welcome.

    I live in Pacific View, across the street from the Manhattan and am part of another playgroup of Manhattan and PV moms that meets on Thursdays - in the morning. The babies in our group are about 1 year to 16 months. Most of us have older children about 3.5 - 5 years of age.

    My eldest son has gone to the Woodland Tai Tam playgroup and Sunshine preschool. Some in our group have kids who have attended international preschools in the area and recently entered international primary schools too.

    Drop me a line - we would love to get together with you.

    As you can see from the previous posts there are a phenomenal amount of families with children your age here with lots of things to do!

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