I had all good intentions for using cloth diapers for my newborn twins 18 months ago but somehow forgot we didn't have a washing machine when they were born.. Hence now clearing out their room and have found
the following:

48 UNBLEACHED cloth diapers
2 trendy 'outer' bits called "covers"
4 plain white 'outer' bits
4 snappis (pink!)
2 boxes of lining for the nappies
HK$1000 for the whole lot.

All ordered and delivered from USA and UK (apart from the linings
which I bought from Wing On)

NEW - NEVER USED! We paid over HK$2000 to buy and ship the items to HK.
Now they deserve a good home where someone will use them!
Bought from:
MOTHER-EASE CLOTH DIAPERS (http://mother-ease.com)
and www.clothdiapers.com

I have photos which I can email you, not sure I have the attachment thing right.....