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looking for a good PD that's pro bf and not to keen in prescribing meds!!

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    my 1st visit to him - I thot he's pro bf as well becos when I told him I'm on total bf from birth, he also commend me for doing a good job. But on my 2nd visit, I discovered that there IS a difference btw really supportg bf and paying lip service ie jus SAYING "oh ur breastfeeding, dats good!" cos I think he belongs to the latter. I reckon a true pro bf paed would not even suggest starting solids at 5mths. When i raised my eyebrows and double checked that I read babies digestive system shud wait till at least 6mths, he waived me off. He did, however told me I cud use my BM to mix with the rice cereal. He was very rushed. I had with me a list of 4-5 questions but he seemed impatient & wantd to rush off, resulting in me feeling like I have to rush thru the questions myself but only managed to get half hearted answers from him. Perhaps its almost lunch time then and he's got an appt fixed? But my appt was at 11am but I had to wait 1hr to see him. When he was rushing out, he jus said I'll see u again and I told him I'm actually coming on Sat for baby's 4th mth chkup & vaccinations, thinking maybe I can clear my questions with him then but he said the nurses will do the jabs and he wont be seeing me. I find that strange becos shudnt the doc themselves do the chkup? If ur too busy today to talk to me to ease my worries then DONT hand me over to the nurse on my next visit. I've only manage to squeeze in 2 questions and even then I had to rush thru it while he sighs and try to quickly give me a rushed answer. What reassurances to ease a 1st time mommy?

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    Hi Fenho,

    I agree about Dr. Dannie Ting. I had a very very very bad experience with her. I find her bedside manner to be appalling. She was recommended by my OBGYN, and was my baby's pediatrician upon birth. She basically told me the misdiagnosis and left her card by the bedside! (Without going into too much detail, I was basically left weeping and depressed...)She seems to be in a hurry everyday and was vague in her manner.

    But I presume doctors have their 'off' days too, I don't blame her in her misdiagnosis, after all who hasn't made mistakes. In fact I am just grateful that my baby is ok. But I think she could have adopted a better bedside manner, if she had taken more time to talk to us, we would have been able to understand the situation in a more informed manner.

    We are with Dr. Alfred Tam now and so far we are really happy with him. He seems to be very busy but he does take his time to talk to us. And he is very detailed in his explanation.

    As the pediatrician is going to be a very important person in your baby's life it is vital to keep looking until you find one that you are truly comfortable with.

    Good luck! Your baby is sooo cute!

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    We see Dr Ting and have been very happy with her. My OBYGN didn't let me call her when D was born and "pushed" another Pediatrician buddy on us at the hospital. He was inexperienced and even called another specialist to see D. They wanted to sedate him and run some more tests and an MRI. I was a total wreck. The Pediatrician had the cheek to pull me aside and ask me if D is insured. There are a lot of crazy Drs who are just interested in $$$. We refused to do the tests.

    I called Dr Ting from the hospital and explained what was going on. She assured me D was fine and we made an appt at her clinic the day after we were discharged. She did a full check-up on D and a simple x-ray confirmed he was fine. I just really wish we had been more assertive at the hospital and called her instead.

    She is Pro BF. I nursed D for 11 months, exclusively for the first 7 months. She refused to discuss formulas with us.

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    I'm really sorry to hear that you didn't get the service you were looking for at Dr. Tam's office.

    I'm not defending him, I'm just sharing my experiences with him. In fact, I think it's prudent to have a couple of paeds you can trust in case of emergencies or need second opinions.

    I'm a first time mom with a little girl too. My bub's almost nine months old now. I told myself that I'm going to breastfeed her for six months and then, she's on her own. It was a personal and informed decision. I know that breastmilk is best and I have the utmost respect for mothers who do it until their babies wean themselves naturally. I, obviously, do not have the tenacity, strength, courage or willpower to do this.

    So when her fifth month came along, I decided that I should start weaning her off breastmilk by giving her a bottle of formula for her dream feed (she dropped her dream feed at 5.5 months and slept through the night, btw). I called Dr. Tam to inform him of this but to my surprise, he was adamant that I should continue to give her breastmilk exclusively until she was at least six months old. (I think I mentioned this before in another thread somewhere). In the end, because it took a while to wean her off at six months, she continued having breastmilk until she was 8 months old. He wasn't paying lip-service to me, no siree. In fact, he said that I should "persevere and continue" because it was "just a month more." But he did say that it was my decision ultimately although his advice was that that she should be exclusively breastfed till six months old. Of course, she was a much smaller babe than your girl. At 4 months, she was just around 6kg (in the 50 percentile). Maybe the doc thought that she needed more nutrition! Just hazarding a guess...

    Different moms have different expecations. To me, the hallmark of a good paed is one who can correctly diagnose my baby's symptoms. And more importantly, I should be able to reach him/her in the dead of the night when the baby's temperature is 104.5 degrees! Dr. Tam may not be the paed you're looking for. I know that he's the type who would not bother to see you again in few days time if your baby is healthy and thriving, unless some major thing happened. He has never not answer any of my questions before. Have you tried calling him or emailing him with your questions? If he's in a hurry for another emergency or appointment, he would be able to take your questions at a later time through email or phone.

    Btw, I've heard good things about Dr. Leo Chan but haven't seen him before and don't have his number. But a very good friend swears by him. Maybe you could give him a try? I don't know if he's pro-bf or otherwise. Perhaps you can call up LLL and ask if they can give some recommendations?

    Good luck!

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    Dr Dannie Ting is also our PEd and she is always willing to answer our questions and we did have a lot as we are 1sttime parents. Never rushed , even her staff is very nice. As someone said above u might have caught her on a bad day but we havebeen going to her since Feb 2007 and she has enough time for questions and check up. Generally when we go for our vaccinations she puts them and they weight u , check the height and head circumference and then if ther ei sany questions she is more than happy to discuss it with u.

    Regarding BF, if u are keen to do it then u dont need a doctor to encourage u , if u have decided that is what u want then just ignore anyone else suggesting otherwise.

    Introducing solids we stated at 5 months there is no harm.

    Best of luck finding a pediatrican


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    Quote Originally Posted by fennho View Post
    thanks for the ref. i've heard dr leung's clinic can make u wait up to dat true?
    Maybe I've been lucky but so far I haven't waited that long myself. He has separate well-baby and sick-baby clinic rooms (located on the same floor) so he moves back and forth bet appnts but even so, I've only waited about 20-30 mins max for an appnt. Also his clinic is v. pleasant to wait in and never seems crowded, plus there are private nursing rooms so I usually take the opportunity to bf my bb while waiting.

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    Dr Tampa Thondup at Bank of America Tower is also very pro breastfeeding. When I needed a pro breastfeeding doctor, he was the one I was recommended to and I have to say he lived up to his reputation. Just another option.

    With regard to starting solids. When our first child was born the recommendation in the UK was to start solids at 4 months, we tried this; he wasn't interested, so we left it a month and he started then. The world health organisation recommends 6 months and the La Leche League advises around the middle of the first year. To be honest the nutritional value of those initial solids is minimal and your baby gets their main nutrition from your breastmilk. Introducing solids is about getting them used to taking food in this form and breast milk should remain the primary nutrition for the first year.

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    I notice you re in DB. Do you always take your baby to Dr.Tampa? I only use Dr. James Oliver in DB. I know he is a GP but should I use PD instead? So far he hasbe great though. But there's no PD in Island health anymore.
    Sorry side track here...

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