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Spit Up and Sleeping Positions

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    rebekah is offline Registered User
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    not the greatest website ever, but has some good basic information. Also, try talking to Matty, I recall her mentioning that her little one had this problem, maybe she can give you some tips. Also, is she vomiting or just spitting up? is she gaining weight appropriately? (is it projectile - like it forms an arc when it comes out? did it dramatically increase in severity recently? is the vomit curdled or sour smelling? - if so it's probably a good idea to talk to the ped/health visitor, etc. to rule out something more)

    best of luck!

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    Thanks Rebekah for the site. BTW, when are you due? It must be soon??

    Her reflux seems to have just gotten worse in the last 2 days. Half the time it tends to be just spitting up the most recent feed and half the time it is curdled so more like vomit. No projectile though. I wasn't too concerned and could manage it by propping her up but in the last day or so it seems to be causing her more discomfort and making her fussy alot. She also doesn't seem to be as anxious to eat. Breaking my heart to see her uncomfortable.

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    I got the impression that my baby's spitting was related to what I ate. Dairy and fruits where the main trouble makers.
    And with fruits I don't only mean oranges and lemons, even apple was to acid. Rosehiptea also had terrible consequences.
    If it's reflux I think this won't help you and I must say that my pead did not believe in it. But for us it worked.
    It's worth a try but you need to be patient. It took a week after cutting off dairy to get better.
    One day they will stop spitting, so there is hope for all of us! All the best!

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