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At what age baby moves from crib to kid bed

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    At what age baby moves from crib to kid bed

    I'm moving to a new place, thinking of wether to buy a kid bed for her. At what age did your baby move from crib (1.2mx.6m) to kid bed?

    where did you get your kid beds? I checked with bumps to bebe, quite expensive.


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    I moved my first at 20 months, when I was 4 months pregnant, so that the first would be used to his new room and bed long before baby came. With the second, he moved into a bed around the same time as he crawled out of the crib and fell on the floor in the middle of the night. Both times I moved them inot a twin matress on the floor, then up on the frame once tall enough that they could climb onot the bed. I skipped the toddler bed altogether as I thought it ia a waste of money for something you use for such a short amount of time. with the second we bought bunkbeds, which right now are being used separetly as 2 twins until the oldest is old enough to be on the top bunk.

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    Hi Hunhun_1,

    Ikea has kids bed at reasonable price and kids would love the characters' beds in Toys Club. They have a shop in Central and you may view their products online.

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    we moved our first for exactly the same reason. he was about 14 months. it was a mistake as he was able to get into and out of bed and it was very difficult for about a year! he just would not stay in bed at night!

    our second is still in a cot at almost 16 months. i have no intention of moving her until she's at least 2 (unless of course she climbs out of the cot!)

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