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Bandy legs

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    Bandy legs

    I might be overly worried but my almost 5 monthes old son legs are slightly bandy. Not too bandy but bandy enough to notice. My mum said I should try to straighten his legs after bath (pull his legs down straight) but I'm not convinced that is the only way or a good way. Some said it's a baby thing and they will grow out of it.
    Any tips? Advice?:Butbut

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    Just get it checked out at your next doc appointment - My little one had it and I think it makes it look worse with the fatty skin before they start crawling and walking - he is fine now. Doc told me not to worry too much, it will sort itself out.

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    I've checked out mine with the doc, he said still too young at the moment, may grow out of it, but keep close observation meantime.

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    a baby's legs can look like that because of thier fat distribution when in fact the legs are straight. If your child truly did have a problem, pulling on leg after a bath will do absolutly nothing, they would need medical intervention. I would just check with my doctor to be sure but it is unlikely there is a problem.

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    I read somewhere that baby's legs are often bendy as they have been in a bent position for a long time in the womb and most will straighten out after a few months, so don't worry too much if the doc says it's ok.

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